SiO2 (16oz)

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SiO2 is a silica based spray sealant that can be easily applied to a vehicle to seal off the paint post wash. This product will mimic the hydrophobic traits of ceramic products as well as the high gloss finish. This product does not have a cure time, and it does not harden like a ceramic product would. 

Longevity of sealant: 4-6 months


Simply wash and dry the vehicle and make sure that the vehicle is free from surface contaminates. It is suggested that you use a prep spray (isopropyl alcohol) to remove any contaminates on the bodynofnrhe vehicle. 

Spray a microfiber applicator or microfiber wax pad with the silica spray and apply a light even coating to the vehicle. Work in small sections and remove the product with a clean microfiber after finishing the area. DO NOT LET THE PRODUCT DRY ON THE PANEL.