Selectrocide (1G) Packet

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Selectrocide is an EPA Registered chlorine dioxide generating product that can be mixed at home to create a strong solution for surface decontamination. In our industry, it is commonly used to disinfect customer vehicles. 

The product is also used in Hospitals, Airports, Schools, and other high traffic areas as the primary disinfectant for surfaces.

The solution can be misted/sprayed on to the surface and set to dry on its own, leaving a disinfected surface.

The mixing chart below shows the ratios for each packet and the amount of fluid it can create.

The most common choice is two of the 1G packets to create 5 gallons.

Mixing Chart for 100ppm

1G Packet  + 2.6 Gallons of Water

5G Packet + 13.2 Gallons of Water

EPA Registration Number: 74986-5