Ceramic Paint Sealant

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This Ceramic Paint Coating product bonds to the painted surface on a vehicle by chemically cross linking and providing wear resistance. Because of the properties of this product, it will last significantly longer and out perform standard waxes. The coating will provide years of protection against dirt, road grime, and other weathering that the vehicle is usually exposed to. 

The product creates a non-stick protective barrier that adds a large amount of surface tension allowing for hydrophobic properties and also creates enhanced gloss. This keeps the vehicles painted surface looking its best!


This kit includes:

2 applicator pads

1 suede towelette

1 set of rubber gloves

50ml of Product

1 microfiber towel



Make sure the Vehicle surface is cool, and out of direct sunlight.

Once the surface has been fully prepared, use an alcohol prep spray to ensure a clean surface.

Using a new applicator pad, apply a small amount of product.

Apply the coating to the working area of the vehicle in a side by side motion allowing for an overlap on each pass. 

Allow coating to set for 1 - 5 minutes, then buff out the coated area with a microfiber towel.

It is recommended that a second coat is applied (1 hour after the first coat) *Cross the previous application path with the opposite method used in the first coat* Up and down or left and right

Standard cure time is 24-48 hours for initial set-up. Vehicle is fully cured after 3-5 days. Limit any abrasive contact within curing period.


When using this product, it is important that the vehicle is fully prepared prior to installing the coating. Once the ceramic coating is installed, any visible imperfections will be sealed below the coating. Compounding and all finishing work must be completed prior to install. 

Car Cleen Systems, CCS LLC is not responsible for improper use of this product.