Ceramic Leather Coating

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Ceramic Leather Coating is a easily applied product that repels water and oil. The coating creates a crystal clear barrier to protect leather against stains, dirt, and other soils. Liquids, dust and dry soils can be easily wiped away. The product leaves a non-greasy natural satin finish. 

This kit includes:

1 applicator pad

1 set of rubber gloves

50ml of Product

1 microfiber towel



Make sure surface is cool, and out of direct sunlight.

Once the surface has been fully prepared / cleaned thoroughly.

Using a new applicator pad, apply a small amount of product.

Apply the coating using a up and down motion allowing for an overlap on each pass. 

Let set for 10 - 15 minutes.

Remove residue with provided microfiber towel.

Product dries instantly, but allow 1 hour for product to set for best results.



When using this product, it is important that the vehicle is fully prepared / cleaned prior to installing the coating. 

Car Cleen Systems, CCS LLC is not responsible for improper use of this product.