Ceramic Glass Coating

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Ceramic Glass Coating is a product that creates a crystal clear, hydrophobic barrier for your exterior glass surface. Snow and ice are more easily removable during the winter months. Rain water will bead and run off allowing for greater visibility while driving during inclement weather.  

Kit includes:

1 applicator pad

1 set of gloves

50ml of product

1 microfiber window towel



Ensure the vehicles windshield is fully cleaned / prepared with alcohol solution.

Make sure the vehicle is in a cool area / out of direct sunlight. 

Apply the coating in an up and down hand motion allowing for overlap on each pass. 

Let set for for 5 minutes then buff with a mircrofiber towel.

Do not use windshield wipers for 6 hours.


Car Cleen Systems, CCS LLC is not responsible for incorrect use of this product. You are sealing off the surface of the glass so it is important that all preparation / finishing work is complete prior to installation of the coating.